I LOVE SUMMER!!  I will say it again…


Living in the Midwest we get all four seasons.  Some people LOVE all four seasons; I LOVE SUMMER!!  I love flip flops; eating and drinking on patios; shorts and capris; boating; floating in the water, and sunshine!  So when the weather starts to change and we have to get the boat “winterized” (eyeroll AND sad face) it is a sad sad sad day!


Since fall has begun we have had some unseasonably warm days, which makes me ‘like’ fall.  I am TRYING to enjoy the moment – enjoy these “unseasonably warm days” but as I enjoy them I have a nagging feeling it is gonna get cold!

I realize I need to call it something other than an “unseasonably warm day” as the name implications are “it should be cold”.  What is interesting about fall, is in fall when the temperature hits 60 degrees everyone will bust our winter coats, hats and gloves and it will will feel like 25 degrees to us….THEN after fall and winter lovely spring will arrive— with her sexy 60 degree temperatures and we will have people running around in shorts and tee shirts, AND 25 degrees will have you MAYBE in a coat.  It is all relative right!!??


To hammer this point home—while we were on an  Alaskan Cruise last year and in Juneau;  it was 72 and SUNNY!

I had removed my jacket and thought “MAN, ALASKA WEATHER IS AWESOME!!!”

Come to find out this was an “unseasonably warm day” (my favorite words!). As we spoke to some locals they were saying it was “way to hot and sunny”.   I even saw a local girl sun bathing in a bikini in between buildings!  All relative to what you are use to!!





So with that I am sad to say goodbye to my flip flops, shorts and boating B U T… this is a good time of year to cook some great pots of chili, watch football and really reach some goals!

This is a great time to start something new and exciting!

One season is ending and another season in your life can start.

But first, a heart felt goodbye to summer is needed (along with some photos from a truly GREAT summer)!

Goodbye to:

Flip flops, Sunsets on the water, Boat rides,

Dancing on the boat, Bikinis, Drinking and eating on patios with friends!

Thank you Summer you have been AMAZING!!!



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